Citizen Keno

Citizen Keno rules

Introduction to Citizen Keno

Citizen Keno is a casino game that has one card containing 80 numbers from which it is possible to choose 4 at minimum and 10 at maximum to begin the round. The game draws 20 balls per round that must match with the numbers selected to win a prize. From a minimum prize, 5 additional extra balls are offered. The game includes the Hit Ball feature, which allows you to mark any of the numbers previously selected.


The aim of the game is to mark the maximum selected numbers possible on the card to win higher prizes.

Value of the game elements

  • Cards: The game consists of only one card numbered from 01 to 80.
  • Squares: The player must select at least 04 squares to begin the round. The game allows you to select a maximum of 10 squares per round.
  • Balls: The game has 20 balls per round.
  • Extra balls: In certain occasions it is possible to purchase 5 more balls.
  • Globe: The game balls are drawn from the globe and this one shows information about the price of the Extra Balls.
  • Prizes table: The pay table shows the value of the prizes according to the number of selections and the number of numbers necessary to get them.
  • Hit Ball: The Hit Ball is triggered in the purchase of extra balls phase and gives us the option to mark one of the squares previously selected.
  • Squares counter: This counter indicates the total of squares selected. It advises us of when we have enough squares selected to begin the round and of when we have reached the maximum.

How to play Citizen Keno

To start, it is necessary to select 4 squares at minimum and 10 at maximum. It is possible to select the bet value and once the round is set, pressing PLAY is needed. On certain occasions, we will have the option to purchase Extra Balls to get to increase the chances to win..


We will have 20 balls when the round begins. The numbers that match with the ones of the balls drawn will be marked. As we get prizes, the information on the pay table will be updated.

On certain occasions we can opt for purchasing Extra Balls. The extra game will finish when we decide to stop the purchase clicking on LEAVE or when having acquired all the balls.

End of the game and scoring

At the end of each round, everything that has accumulated in the “WIN” indicator will go into the CHIPS indicator.


  • PLAY button: Its function is to begin the round manually. If we do not have the minimum of squares necessary to begin selected rounds, it will be displayed as inactive.
  • AUTO button: This allows you to play without interruption once activated. To deactivate it, you just have to press AUTO or PLAY. It will also be deactivated when leaving a round of Extra Balls purchase.
  • CLEAR button: All the squares selected are deactivated when pressing this button.
  • SWAP button: It allows you to change the numbers selected randomly. It also allows us, without any previous selections, to mark 10 random numbers at a time. This button will always mark 10 out of the 80 squares.
  • EXTRA button: This button is only visible when there is the option to purchase Extra Balls. Its function is to make the purchase of the Extra Ball.
  • LEAVE/COLLECT button: This button is visible only when you have the option to purchase Extra Balls. It is used to collect everything that you’ve won in the game and then quit the Extra game.
  • BET indicator: This indicator allows us to decide how many we want to pay for each round.
  • WIN scoreboard: This indicator shows you the number of prizes won in the game. It increases every time you win a prize. It resets at the end of the game.
  • CHIPS indicator: This shows your current chips level.

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